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Not For Profit Marketing in 2022

Jun 2

In marketing, the only constant is change. New technologies, trends, and this year in particular- world events. It might seem overwhelming trying to figure out how to move forward, how consumer and donor behaviours will shift, however all the tools you need to figure out where to focus your marketing next already exist.

Yes, this year has been tumultuous, and consumers and businesses have shifted their behaviour, however there are three things which hold true that can guide your post-COVID marketing:

  • People are craving connection
  • People are consuming more media, in more ways
  • Full digital and remote customers are a huge opportunity

People are consuming more media, so you should…

Ramp up your content marketing:

People staying home more and socialising less means they are consuming more media. Which means content marketing is having an even brighter moment in the spotlight. Look at your customer data for guidance not only on what to say, but also where to say it. Although the platforms that work best for you will depend on your target demographic, it’s a safe bet that video content will continue to rise in popularity and effectiveness , and creativity in social media content will be highly rewarding. People are poised to read, watch, and listen- it is up to you to provide the content. Now’s also a good time to reassess all your customer touchpoints. On social media, your emails, surveys, everything. What is still working? What is not working as well? Be methodical.

People are craving connection, so you should…

Create raw, vulnerable content:

Let us not beat around the bush. It has been a long, hard, strange year. Full lockdown, partial restrictions, social distancing, it is all up in the air and that uncertainty is hard to deal with. As an organisation, it is more important than ever to put effort into creating meaningful interactions. Showing your human side, personalising communication as much as you can, and demonstrating compassion with your actions as well as your words will help people feel safe and connected to you.

Lockdown has allowed customers to see a less polished side to brands and organisations- executives in dressing gowns and CEOs with kids and laundry in the background. That window into a shared humanity is valuable. Even if you have the opportunity to go back into the office or produce polished content, consider ways to keep that raw, vulnerable element for people to connect with.

Everything’s done digitally, so you should…

Be ready to capture a wider audience base:

How much of your fundraising strategy requires physical human contact? It might seem like a downside to not be able to host that event or have your representatives on the busy streets of the CBD, however there is a plus side. The shift into full digitisation means you could be able to access a much wider range of customers and donors. The sky (or the globe) is the limit, as long as you have the strategies and processes in place to handle it.

Part of being prepared to process fully digital customers is going over your digital processes. Is your UX up to scratch? Can anything be automated? Do your servers have the capacity to handle more site traffic? Invest in the back end as well as your marketing efforts!

Remember to adjust your tone!

What worked for your organisation before might not work now. You might need to massage the tone of your messaging to make it more sensitive to a post-COVID audience or appeal to a different set of emotions- either way, your customers voices will tell you what they care about right now.

If there is one lesson to be taken from this year, it is that anything can happen. Whether it is politics or a pandemic, all your future strategising needs to have built-in contingency plans. Will your marketing work if everybody goes back into lockdown? Will your messaging still be relevant? How much of a spanner would it throw in the works to have to change things last minute as situations evolve?

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