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Who To Call To Install Light Fixture in Melbourne

Jun 18

Getting a new light fixture installed in Melbourne?

When you're renovating your home, you have to sometimes follow the instructions step-by-step and there are times when you can put your own custom touches on a project. When it comes to changing out light fixtures, you don't always have to hire an electrician because it's actually easy to install your own lights by following the guidelines set forth in the directions.


Which contractor should I pick to install my light fixture?

Thankfully, plenty of contractors and maintenance workers specialize in general contracting so you aren't alone when it comes down to learning how to vet and verify the right contractor or specialist for the job. As business owners ourselves, At Your Maintenance will help get you started by helping to set up a plan of action that can be used during your search. The first step we'd recommend taking is figuring out what you're looking for. Are you really in need of something modern? Or do you have very specific ideas about what fixtures, appliances, and whatever else still needs to be installed so that this renovation is fully complete?


How do I know who to pick?

  • They should get a licensed expert. 

Genuine businesses should always include references and qualifications on their websites. If they don’t advertise their licenses or certificates, then you could always ask for them via email in the hiring process. This is a great assurance when hiring a new install or construction crew to work in your home. 

Once you have access to their licensing, check which building authorities issued their documents. This building authority will be the body to hold any business contractors accountable for poor workmanship as they set the building standards for the area. 

A couple of building authorities to look out for when hiring someone to install light fixtures would be:

  • Victorian Building Authority (VBA)
  • Energy Safe Australia (ESA)


  • They should offer a warranty on their labour.

A warranty is a written guarantee given to you from the installer, promising to repair or replace the light fixture if necessary within a specified period of time. 

You should be offered a warranty as standard safety and security practice. When we buy expensive appliances, we expect a warranty. Therefore, those who work with those expensive appliances or fixtures should then offer the same assurance of their work. 

  • Hire an installer who is a versatile tradesman

After you’ve gone through all the trouble to verify and investigate one light fixture installer, you don’t want to have to call a new person to your home if a new project comes up soon afterward. Especially if you live alone or feel vulnerable, you shouldn’t be inviting different strangers over. It would be best to have one trusted professional on call.

  • Their websites should include honest and real reviews 

This is a soft warranty. Knowing others have approved and reviewed their work is a great way to feel more confident in hiring a new install person. 

Of course, anyone can post a comment or create a fake review - so read through several reviews to understand their overall business approval rating.

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