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Property Developers Sandringham – Reasons Why Building a Duplex Makes Sense Near the Beach

Mar 24

Have you ever considered the property development scene in Sandringham? Perhaps you're curious about why someone would choose to develop property in this area, or maybe you're contemplating building a dual occupancy in Sandringham yourself. If you're an aspiring property developer, you know that location is crucial, and this informative article will explain why Sandringham is an ideal location for property development.

Why dual occupancy in Sandringham?

But what motivates someone to build a dual occupancy? There are several reasons why this may be a wise choice in Sandringham. Firstly, building two dwellings on one lot can be an excellent way to maximize the value of your land. Two properties will always fetch a higher combined price than a single lot, making it a sound investment.


For some, building a dual occupancy serves as a practical way to downsize while still retaining a separate property as an investment. Passive rental income is always a valuable asset to have. Others may want to live closer to their loved ones and choose to build a dual occupancy so that they can live in one dwelling and have their elderly parents or relatives living next door.


Regardless of your motivation, building a dual occupancy in Sandringham is a fantastic idea, and this article will provide you with all the reasons why. By the end, you'll be well-informed about all the benefits that this suburb has to offer for property developers.


Not just the beach

If you're looking to develop a property in Bayside, one of the reasons to consider building a dual occupancy in Sandringham is its proximity to local amenities and shops. Hampton town centre and Hampton Street shops offer a bustling retail and specialty businesses hub.


The strip also features high-end retail shops primarily targeting affluent women, making it an attractive location for property developers looking to sell high-value units.


Additionally, there are several medical businesses in the area, including GP practices, dental clinics, and other allied health services. This is yet another reason why property development in Sandringham is an obvious choice for developers.