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How a Title IX Attorney-Advisor Can Protect Your Rights

May 31

Once a school has received a complaint about sexual misconduct, they begin an often complex investigation which includes hearings and sanctioning boards. A Title IX attorney/advisor who is competent can ensure that you are protected at all times.

Consent must not be ambiguous and must be freely given. A lawyer can help you argue that impairment by drugs or alcohol or being asleep cannot constitute consent.

Due Process

Title IX is the federal civil-rights law that prohibits discrimination based upon sex within schools, universities and government-funded programmes. Colleges are required to set up systems for investigating complaints of sexual assault and harassment, and holding hearings for accused student. These proceedings are extremely complex and can have serious consequences for those found guilty.

A good lawyer may be able to help you defend your rights in a Title IX suit. They can help you gather proof, such as messages or emails, to prove that the story of your accuser is not true. They can help you with any interim measures you are facing, such as a no-contact order that could limit your social activities in fraternities, sororities and student organizations or interfere your athletic activities.

A Title IX Lawyer Dekalb can assist you in fighting retaliation throughout the investigation. For example, if a professor or coach refuses to teach you or if a school rejects your application for graduate school, this is considered retaliation and should be fought through a civil lawsuit.


When a student lodges a complaint at their university or district, they are entitled to an impartial, prompt, and fair investigation. This includes a comprehensive review of Title IX Policies, including the definition of consent.

Sadly, this does not always happen. Schools often retaliate when students file complaints of harassment or discrimination. A foreign student with a visa, for example, may find their employer harassing them. They might even threaten to deport the student if they report this.

In addition, schools hire investigators that are biased against students accused of sexual misconduct or assault. It is important to have a Title IX lawyer who can protect your rights throughout the process. In addition, it's important to collect as much evidence as you can that supports your side of the story. This is crucial because Title IX proceedings are governed by a preponderance-of-the-evidence standard, unlike criminal trials.


A student accused for a Title IX violation may face serious consequences. These include expulsion from school, permanent disciplinary charges, and loss of scholarship. This can affect future employment prospects, graduate school admissions and even admissions to law or professional colleges.

Title IX defense attorneys can help students defend themselves and their reputations from allegations of sexual misconduct. They can help locate witnesses and obtain documents relevant to the case. They can also serve as a middleman for communication, ensuring that statements that may undermine the defense of an accused person are not made in the wrong places.

Attorneys can also file civil lawsuits on behalf of students who suffered damages as a result of the alleged misconduct. Civil suits allow for a larger recovery than Title IX actions and aren't governed by the laws that govern schools receiving federal funding. This allows students the opportunity to recover compensation, obtain injunctive aid and force the school to adhere to law.


An individual accused of a Title IX violation has the right to be informed of the accusations against them, present evidence and witnesses, and have an impartial decision-maker determine responsibility. Many Title IX Hearings are conducted in schools by investigators who have been hired by them, which can lead to conflicts of interest or bias.

A lawyer can make sure that the investigation will be conducted thoroughly, and that any exculpatory information is not overlooked. Moreover, a lawyer can protect your rights if you are being retaliated against by the school or by third parties.

A lawyer will also be able to help you file civil Title IX suits against the school in order to recover compensation. A successful lawsuit can force the school to uphold its legal obligations and prevent it from violating students' rights in the future. It can also deter other schools from treating their students unfairly by putting their programs on notice of the potential legal consequences. It may also result in federal funds not being paid to a school who violates the rights of students.

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